Welcome to your Alpaca Journey!

In the Heart of The Devonshire Countryside

In a part of the world 4000 metres above sea level, across the Atlantic Ocean – you will find the natural habitat of the wonderful Alpaca!

Fortunately, you don’t have to travel 5000 miles to South America – to get up close and personal to these enchanting creatures!

Alpaca Trekking

Come and join us for a fantastic  alpaca trek through the Countryside!

Alpaca Meet & Greet

Enjoy some delicious afternoon Cream-tea’s as part of your Alpaca visit.

New Alpaca key-rings!

Come and have a look inside our online shop, to see a selection of Alpaca products!

Including – Socks, Toys, Pens and more!


Guided interaction with trained animals has been scientifically proven to have physical and mental health benefits.

Alpaca’s are known for their peaceful temperament around people, and positive interactions with them can be beneficial for many people.

About Us


Beamsworthy Alpacas is based on a 3rd generation working family farm in Devon,

We have a small herd of alpacas which started in 2016 with two female alpacas called Enid and Sylvia.

Our heard has grown alot over the years and is growing continually.

We sell many alpaca products such as gloves, scarfs, socks, toys ect , but would now like to add the Alpaca Experience!!  Which includes alpaca walking on our beautiful farm surroundings.

We look forward to meeting new people to join us on our exciting new adventure !

Joseph and Natalie.